Adult Education Project

Adult Education in Africa dates back to traditional African society where it was used to secure the survival of the community. Enveloped in the survival drive were the community’s values, morality, skill acquisition and various forms of training. More importantly, adult education then was a lifelong process that was used by traditional institutions of Higher Education to ensure that each community always created and preserved its class of ‘philosopher kings’. Like the rest of traditional education, adult education was essentially culture-propelled and community based. It was an important bridge between the past and the present with a shuttle to the future. It is in this sense that one can describe it as being traditional. It is on this background that AYPAD Adult Education Program was created not only to positively transform the mindset of our older generation in Africa but also to provide basic and intermediate computer classes, career trainings, orientations and adult basic literacy classes and access to other resources to help local participants improve their lives , gain employment and pursue higher education.

Although our lectures are directed to people of both gender, we mainly encourage women to participate, since they are the ones affected the most. Also improving women’s lives will change essential worrying statistics in this continent. In sub-Saharan Africa, if all women completed primary education, there would be 70 percent fewer maternal deaths, saving 113,400 women’s lives. The number of girls married by age 15 would fall 14 percent if all girls completed primary school in sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia. Many aspects in people’s lives will be improved by focusing on women’s education which is not only teaching mainly female members but also considering aspects (while teaching both genders) that can promote true gender equality.

Additionally, the project hope to host college readiness classes for adults, which focus on academic preparation, finding financial-aid & scholarships, college visits, and general guidance.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To reduce levels of iliteracy within the adult poplation, mainly on women.
2. To provide basic knowledge and skills on useful daily utilities that will enhance the participants lifestyles.
3. To encourage learning that is meaningful and powerful to promote gender equality


    Many of the adult population in most countries of Africa did not have opportunity to attend school in the olden days compared to modern times, where the possibilities to get to school are more accessible, although still not enough. Thus, the level of literacy in the adult population is low: less than 50% in countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Sierra Leone and below 70% most of other African countries.


AYPAD works to prevent the low levels of literacy engaging adults to resume their learning capability. As literacy levels are lower among women they are essential to change Africa’s statistics reagrding education, health and many other aspects. We believe that a process of teaching/learning that  adress female health, gender issues and basic finance skills will be a meaningful tool in order to empower women. Subjects will be studied connected to participants’ lives and issues making them able to construct knowledge, not only absorbing it. Female instructor will be enacouraged to join the project so as to guarantee gender representativeness.