Arts and Crafts Project

AYPAD Art and Craft Project is geared towards organizing small scale artisans, promoting and creating employment for young people in the art and craft field. The project is currently running in Sierra Leone and Ghana. We make handmade products from our local materials for sale locally and internationally. Our products are all handmade products made with a lot of care, environmentally friendly and durable. The project employs young artisans to create a wide range of handmade African products which we later sell to interested buyers in the country or abroad. We can ship the products to any country around the world in a timely manner. Through this goods, we are able to provide employment for young people and create a network with likeminded people, companies, and organizations. We have many different products, but to name just a few: African drums, handmade baskets, carvings, slippers and shoes, hand band with your name or company name printed, etc. Check our shop online page.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To train local artisans in hand craft making and local marketing.
2. To create means to expand the market for the artisans we work with.
3. To organize and establish a network of African artisans.
4. To promote the beauty African handmade products.


Lack of resources, limited marketing opportunities, and a structural platform are the main challenges of artisans in Africa. It is important that they are able to meet, interact and share information on latest tools and techniques in order to fully grow the artisan industry.  


AYPAD works to connect artisans around Africa through our platform. Training is provided to them to improve their marketing techniques, and also their products are included in AYPAD’s Shop Online in order to expand the market opportunities. Through donations, we raise up options for purchasing the needed equipment, creating suitable conditions to develop and grow their art skills.