Traditional Dance – Drama Project

The traditional Dance-Drama Project consists in engaging youth to perform traditional dance and drama as a group. The cultural group seeks to do this by providing youth with training and a place in which to dance and drum together as a cohesive group.  AYPAD seeks to support this program and the youth within it by performing in a variety of spaces including cultural festivals, sensitization projects, conferences, and tourist venues. Through these performances, AYPAD hopes to create a fund to ensure that all members of the troupe are able to attend school and have their basic housing and food needs met. Presently the organization offers cultural dance or drumming training for interested individuals or groups; if any organization need a cultural group to perform, they can also contact us.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To train and engage young people in cultural activities.
2. To develop a cultural esteem.
3. To educate in a more conducive environment.
4. To attend cultural festivals in other parts of the world to propagate the mission of AYPAD as a youth organization.
5. To develop independent groups that can perform and generate income by themselves.


    The lack of tools, equipment, and modern training facilities is a major problem affecting culture and drama development in Africa. Mass awareness raising activities and campaign are therefore essential. Another important issue is the role of women in cultural activities, which tends to be low in African societies.


Through AYPAD, the cultural group is able to get proper diffusion through social networks and promotion when occasions come up. We also work towards engaging more and more women in AYPAD’s activities, we believe it is easier to start within their own cultural context. AYPAD provides the group with equipment, facilities for rehearsal, and also searches for opportunities to participate.