Food For All Project

Our project is geared towards ensuring that all people can have at least a daily meal in the communities where we operate in Africa. Our centers will provide and serve meals for less fortunate - people that cannot afford a daily meal. Furthermore, the project will also collect and distribute cloths, household items and food staples for those who cannot afford to visit the center.

Our volunteers will serve meals to the people once every day. Three hundred people in each community is provided with decent meal, a bottle of water, and fruits if available. The volunteer team will be divided into those who prepare the food at the centers and serve people in need through our Food for All Project; few will be trained to grow organic food and distribute it to food centers in
communities to serve our targeted population; and a selected team will go out to area supermarkets, shops, restaurants to collect donations of staple foods such as rice, vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, milk, and yogurt. We also ensure to provide free specialized medical services when needed. All treatment and medicines are to be provided free of charge.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To ensure people are able to gain at least one meal per day within the communities we operate.
2. To provide food and in future shelter for orphans.
3. To train volunteers in growing and preparing food, and in doing so tackle food insecurity in their communities and the communities they serve.
4. To reduce malnutrition and child mortality rates.

The Challenge

    The African continent is home to some of the most nutritionally insecure people in the world. Poor infrastructure and limited access to resources, as well as in some cases conflict, contribute to the staggering levels of malnutrition and food insecurity on the continent. This is despite the fact that enough food can be grown to feed everyone.

The Solution

AYPAD provides and serves meals to individuals who are unable to secure at least one daily meal. The organization will also collect household items and staple foods for those who are unable to access the center. Our volunteers will serve meals to people once a day, providing a decent meal, water and fruits. Some volunteers will also be trained to grow organic food to distribute to our centers while others will go out to local businesses such as restaurants to collect staple food donations. When needed, AYPAD will also provide for specialized medical services free of charge.