Football Project

AYPAD developed a soccer program to engage youth, many who live on the streets. The club was formed in 2008 and then reformed in January 2010 due to lack of funds. Since the club’s start, AYPAD has trained over 120 youths, some of whom now play in national and international clubs. It started with help of Norton Blue SL Limited which made it possible for AYPAD to purchase footballs, jerseys, hire a part-time coach, and pay for the playing field. The training usually occurs three times a week throughout the year. Before games, the team gathers to warm-up and to eat a meal provided by AYPAD. AYPAD continues to seek new partners who are interested in supporting the boys who play on our football team so that they are able to continue to play as well as work towards providing them with food, shelter, education, and an opportunity to build a peaceful society within our countries of operation.

Final Goal

$17, 000

Fund Raised




1. To promote peace through football.
2. To support youths in developing their own unique talents.
3. To provide a context outside formal institutions were youth can come together to better understand each other.
4. To generate funds through the football club so that each member of the team can attend school and have their housing and food needs met.


    In many countries within Africa less than half of the young people are able to attend school and many are in need of regular shelter. Therefore, many of them end up living on the streets and doing odd jobs while others engage in criminal activities such as pickpocketing as a means of surviving.


The Football Project intends to identify, organize, mobilize, and encourage these less privileged young people to actively engage in soccer development initiative offered by the organization, which will in return reduce the traumatic effect of living on the street, creating opportunity.