Africa Youth for Peace and Development (AYPAD) was established on 24 October 1995 in Sierra Leone and registered as a non-profit charity with the Government of Sierra Leone in 2000, holding a United Nations Economic and Social accredited Status. It was created by 7 young men who had seen harsh realities being experienced on the entire continent as a result of war and the consequent violence galore which follow. Therefore, they decided to form the organization with the vision of continental integration for peace and development for youths in the continent.

AYPAD believes in establishing opportunities for young people in Africa through our multifaceted development programs that enables peace, sustainable development, and social integration. Our goal as a non-profit charity is to create opportunities, enable and empower particularly disadvantaged young people, and the marginalized whose lives are constantly under threat because of their deprived economic and social situation.

Our organization relies solely on charitable funding and donations to ensure the survival, sustainability, and success of our projects in order to benefit the most vulnerable young people in Africa and to ensure they have a future. It has hold membership of different networks and is also affiliated to many organization such as GYAN, GYCA, Peace Child, War child Canada, WayOut International and, IFFDO. Actually, AYPAD has been registered with the governments in 29 countries across the African continent with the belief that violence achieves no meaningful goal and not a solution.

Our Mission

AYPAD is a youth serving, empowerment, and advocacy movement with a mission and vision of ensuring peace and development among youth around the world through enabling empowerment activities such as capacity building and leadership training, formal and non-formal education, social soft skills activities, environmental health, IT skills and sporting activities.

What We Do

Create a platform of opportunities to enable and empower young vulnerable people:

1. We target to improve lives of disadvantaged adults, street orphans and any young individual
affected due to deprived economic & social factors.

2. Engage youth through a variety of activities including sports, cultural activities, and skills development.

3. Advocate for children, gender, and HIV/Aids issues AYPAD also educates and informs young people on diverse international celebrations and commemorations so they can learn and celebrate difference and value diversity, to name a few:

 International Day of Peace
 International Youth Day
 Global Youth Service Day
 World Environment Day
 World Aids Days
 International Women’s Day.
 World Aids Day

Overall Goal Of AYPAD

Our continuous goal and pledge to the youth of Africa are to ensure:

1. Marginalized street homeless young are given opportunities and educated to make informed choices in their lives.

2. Opportunities for education, employment and training are created to empower and enable young people towards better prospects for the future.

3. Facilitating the spread of sustainable agriculture and environmental initiatives.

4. The use of soft skills like sport and the arts to build confidence and ensuring capacity building of teams so that they are able to understand and promote these values in a structured manner.

Organizational Structure

Our organization predominantly works with volunteers as none of our staff are salaried, not even the Executive Director. The organization relies solely on charitable funding and donations to ensure the survival, success, and sustainability of our projects to benefit the most vulnerable young people in Sierra Leone, and the other countries of operation, to ensure them a bright future.

For more information please download the AYPAD Profile Booklet Click Here.