Tree Planting Project

AYPAD works on two main levels within our tree planting project. First, AYPAD engages with the community as a whole through sensitization meetings with local youths. These workshops discuss the importance of caring for locally planted trees in order to decrease soil erosion and to provide protection from strong winds and rain.

Secondly, AYPAD volunteers plant fruit and other lucrative trees on the hill sites and flat lands that have been degenerated within our communities of operation. The planting activity takes place during the rainy season and generally occurs three times a week. During the tree planting, AYPAD volunteers link with local community youth and leaders to seek the best areas where trees can be planted and to ensure that these trees will be cared for.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. Build local knowledge about the environment.
2. Provide leadership and community service experiences to young people in the environmental sector.
3. Combat soil erosion and ecological degradation.


    Because living conditions and means of livelihood are extremely limited, people seek fuel, building materials, and ways of earning small cash to support their families.  As a result, the closest hills to cities are usually logged extensively. With the natural environment vastly depleted; soil erosion and lack of shelter and shade have become key concern.


In response to the continuing deforestation as well as food insecurity within these communities, AYPAD began planting fruit trees and other lucrative trees such as palm kernels, which the community viewed as important forms of sustenance as well as potential revenue. 

AYPAD works on a purely voluntary basis with members who are unemployed using their time during the day to trek up into the hill communities, discuss the importance of the project with the community, and plant trees in areas designated safe and appropriate by the community.