Waste Management Project

AYPAD’s Waste Management Project is on a mission to maximize resource value, while minimizing – and even eliminating – environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive. To provide our customers with the exceptional waste collection, recycling, and disposal services that protect, preserve and improve our environment and the quality of life in the communities we serve.

AYPAD Waste Management is and will continue to be, the “Distinguishable Difference” in the solid waste and recycling collection and disposal industry.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To be the leader in solid-waste management by exploring and utilizing new collection methods and technologies for greater cost effectiveness and operating efficiencies without sacrificing service to our customers.
2. To accomplish our mission statement through commitment and teamwork.
3. To appreciate, understand and respect the needs of our customers.
4. To foster and respect our employee's opinions, beliefs, values, and life goals.
5. To advocate open, honest and productive communications throughout the Company and community.


There is limited knowledge within communities on how to handle and dispose of their waste properly. Also, the lack of modern collection and disposal equipment such as compact trucks or bins are very limited, therefore makes it relatively hard to effectively manage waste.


To create a mechanized waste collection and disposal services at an affordable cost to communities were we operate. Capacity building programs and access to modern waste collection equipment is a method to reduce the huge piles of garbage and the environmental pollution.