Yoga Project

AYPAD’s Yoga Program was created when a registered yoga instructor from United States of America, Veronica Geretz and, Tamba Fayia were discussing different ways to engage youth through AYPAD and, therefore the Yoga Project was born with a focus to insteal a positive mind-set and transformation through the practice of yoga. Yoga classes began in the summer of 2010 after yoga mats were donated. The project is based on two main activities; the first revolves around the necessity of engaging youth in peaceful and peace-promoting activities which build skills in youth and promotes physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. The second part of the program aims to extend yoga practise to both paying and non-paying members of the public. Offering classes to interested members of the public, we aim to train each member of our yoga class so that they can also teach yoga classes to interested individuals.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To promote peace and development through yoga.
2. To create employment for young people through practicing and teaching yoga.
3. To develop a self-sustainable yoga project that will be replicated to other country chapters.


Looking at the situation in Africa, many people die at an early age because they concentrate most of their time and resource on accumulating wealth, while forgetting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, people have the ancient mentality of being fat as a sign of being rich and healthy.


AYPAD developed the Yoga Project as a means of creating awareness, educating, and providing access to training facilities that will enable participants adopting a healthy and mentally stable lifestyle through Yoga. By doing so, we create a small means of employment for the youth involved while also engaging them as citizens who have the ability to make meaningful and skilled contributions to society.