Animal Husbandry Project

The project aims at providing low cost meat in our countries of operation while also providing employment that will generate income for marginalized population. AYPAD detected that snails are a high source of protein and cheaper than other animals’ meat, thus more accessible for population. Therefore we intend to commence this project with snail farming and at a later stage we would develop other farm types, to name a few: guinea fowl, turkey or pigs. These animals will be provided to the participants after being trained to properly manage their farms. AYPAD will help with marketing the product of our farmers after being harvested.

Achatina snail is a delicacy for the citizens of West Africa, Europe and Asia. In Ghana is eaten by about half of the 35 million population. The snail is traditionally gathered from the wild and sold at the local markets. However, in recent years, the Achatina snail has greatly diminished due to over-harvesting, adverse weather conditions, and deforestation. The limited supply of snail keeps the cost prohibitively high, and thus keeps the nutritious food out of the hands and mouths of the consumers who want and need it most. AYPAD Snail Farm which will comence first project in Ghana will assists women, mostly commercial sex workers, single mothers and local farmers in raising the large snails, thus providing a sustainable supply of the highly sought-after snail in the Ghanaian market. The Farm gives selected Women; individuals the resources needed to start a snail farm and continually supervise the farming operation. In the meantime, we market the snails and make sales contracts with individuals and businesses. As the snails breed and the inventory grows, the farms send the snail supply to AYPAD Snail Farm processing. Then we complete the cycle by selling the completed product to the consumers. AYPAD Snail Farms sells three products:

1)  Snail Meat: This is the primary product of AYPAD Snail Farm. The consumer demand for nutritious snail far outweighs the current supply.

2)  Snail Shells: Many shell collectors around the world want the beautiful AYPAD snail shell for decorative or curiosity purposes.

3)  Snail Slime: The slime byproduct is used in pharmaceutical and skincare products.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To provide low cost meat as well as employment that will generate income in our countries of operation.
2. To train women to manage farms and rear animals efficiently and effectively.
3. To help local farmers tap into the international market for snail products.

The Challenge

    The Achatina snail is a delicacy eaten in West Africa, Europe and Asia. Snails are also a source of high protein and much more efficient and cost effective to rear than lots of other livestock. Unfortunately, the Achatina snail has greatly diminished due to over harvesting, adverse weather conditions and deforestation. The limited supply of snails has the adverse affect of keeping the cost of this nutritious good high for the consumers who need it most.

The Solution

Snails will be provided to female participants, mostly commercial sex workers, single mothers, and local farmers, after they have been in trained in how to properly manage their farms. AYPAD will also provide the resources to start the farm, and continue to supervise after participants have recieved their animals. Once the animal products are ready to be harvested, AYPAD will assist in the International market in of the products on behalf of the participants. While the meat itself is a lucrative commodity, the snail shell is also sought after and the slime is used for pharmaceutical and skincare products. AYPAD intends to later expand its animal husbandry project into other livestock, such as turkey and guinea fowl.