Beautification Project

AYPAD’s Beautification Project mission is to build global community through local environmental service. AYPAD restores parks and open spaces while providing leadership and community service experiences for young people in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Beautification service is a uniquely effective way to build community. When people put their hands into the dirt together and see their efforts, transform a threatened area into a more vibrant landscape, they forge a special bond. Young children quickly learn to appreciate the natural gardens they create.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To strengthen communities through collective work on improving their environments.
2. To promote healthy environments for the communities we serve.
3. To provide young people with opportunities to learn about the environment, engage in community service and develop leadership skills.

The Challenge

    Most African communities do not receive education on the importance of keeping their environment clean, healthy, and beautiful. The mental and physical health benefits of a clean and beautiful environment remain unknown in much of the continent, and so this easy way to improve wellbeing is not made use of.

The Solution

AYPAD’s Beautification Project is a unique way to build community. When people come together, get their hands dirty, and see their efforts in the form of a transformed, a sense of togetherness is unavoidable. While restoring parks and open spaces, we hope to also create a sustainable platform that educates, trains, and empowers communities to clean and create beautiful environments for their own health and happiness. This in turn provides leadership and community service experience for young people.