Get Involved

At AYPAD we have many exciting ways to get involved. Read the information below to see how you can get involved.

Take action and start propagating AYPAD’s Vision

AYPAD Environmental Program

Volunteering with AYPAD Environmental Program gives you an opportunity to work with like minded people, while also creating a conducive and healthier environment for all. You have the opportunity to be involved in the following activities:

Strong Communities: AYPAD work with volunteers to identify communities and engage them into the project through meetings to identify planting sites and places that need restoration.

Healthy Habitats: AYPAD’S environmental restoration work includes stream restoration, native tree plantings, invasive plant removal, wetland and shoreline restoration and trail construction.

Young Leaders: In addition, AYPAD will deliver programs for young people to learn about the environment, engage in community service and develop leadership skills through hands-on service.

AYPAD Sports Development Program

The program consists of the following sporting activities: Football, Handball, Hockey and Yoga.There are many exciting ways you can volunteer with AYPAD Sport Development Program:

Coaching: Train young boys and girls involved in the project.

Partnership: Find partners that will help us donating equipment for the teams.

AYPAD Women Empowerment Project

Volunteering with the AYPAD Women Empowerment Project gives you the opportunity to work with rural community women that have low or none opportunities to succes. You can help in their farms, work at AYPAD farms learning from local people, teach them basic educational skills .

AYPAD Street Children Program

Volunteering with AYPAD Street Children Program gives you the opportunity to work with children that are living in difficult circumstances as most of these children live on the street and are engaged in doing odd jobs like totting, sweeping street and sleeping on market tables as there is no means of housing, education or feeding opportunities. As a result of this, AYPAD organization is working restlessly to improve the living condition of these children and their volunteers will be excited with work they will be involved in.

Teaching: You can teach these young boys and girls basic Eglish, IT skills, etc.

Filming: You can also join us with the film project helping the kids to learn how to use a camara, and improve their filming skills.

If you are talented in some field that is or it is not part of our projects we would like you to come and join us for us to learn together!

AYPAD Cultural Program

Volunteering with the AYPAD Cultural Program is an exciting way to learn about different cultures of Africa. As a cultural volunteer you will have the opportunity to learn cultural dances with AYPAD Cultural Dance troupe, visit historic site and also engage with young girls and boys that have gone through difficult circumstances but through the AYPAD Cultural Program their lives have been positively transformed. The Cultural Program also involves a lot of artist that will be happy to learn from you if you have skills in arts and handcraft.

Other Ways You Can Become Involved

• You can donate to AYPAD, see our Donate page for ways to support us.
• You can Start up an AYPAD Club in your community.
• You can volunteer online, draft proposals and raise funds to support the projects.
• You can create links with other like minded clubs and organizations to create partnership opportunities for AYPAD.