Handball Project

AYPAD Organization introduced handball sport within our counties of operation in Africa as an engine to empower young people while also promoting peace and sustainable development through sport. In many countries in Africa handball has very little history and is therefore not seen very important but, it serves as an ideal setting within which dialogue and empowerment can be promoted. The sport is popular in many part of the world, spectacular, dynamic and exciting. It requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork also requires little equipment and is low cost, allowing it to be played everywhere.

AYPAD Handball project creates opportunities for young people in deprived communities. These young people are able to play!  While Handball teaches them life skills and values like fairness, team spirit and responsibility. They gain self-confidence through sport to take on responsibility for their own life and environment. Beside positive personal and social benefits, the Handball project is a great tool for the kids and youth to get active and have fun together thus reducing traumatic effort of war, unemployment and Violence in the communities.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To promote a sense of unity in communities through handball.
2. To provide a context outside of formal institutions where young people can come together.
3. To generate funds so each member of the team can attend school have their basic housing and food needs met.

The Challenge

    Handball is played across the African continent, but efforts to develop the sport further are limited. More work is needed to ensure that handball can be further developed throughout various regions of the continent, and young people can gain access to facilities to learn and play. In the meantime, more and more young people are gaining an interest in the sport.

The Solution

Handball is popular in many part of the world. The sport is spectacular, dynamic and exciting. It requires speed, strength, power, stamina, endurance, fitness and above all teamwork, but it is also low cost and uses little equipment. The AYPAD Handball Project aims to significantly increase the continent’s capacity to handle the increasing interest in the sport by supporting potential players in deprived communities. The sports minimal requirements mean it can be played anywhere. The sport is a great way to create a sense of unity in communities were young people deal daily with the impacts of poverty, unemployment and violence.