Hockey Project

AYPAD created Hockey Project with a mission to expose the sport to thousands of young people while promoting peace through sport. Hockey is a relatively a new sport in Africa and with many young people living through hardship and deplorable conditions, the need to introduce the sport was timely as its engages young people to reduce the traumatic effects of War, Violence, Abuse and embrace peace while developing their unique hockey talents that can contribute meaningfully to societal growth. The project develops professionals, hockey players, coaches and managers to improve their knowledge on the game, skills, coaching techniques and the impact it has on a nations’ development. The main focus is to use field hockey as a great way to fulfill young people competitive spirit. The fast-paced nature of the sport make it a great activity for young people to include in their exercise routine, whether looking for a recreational activity to play with friends or a more intense competition on a league team. Young people across our countries and communities will have the opportunity to play and be exposed to field hockey in their physical education class; they will have the option to continue to play with their local club. Our goal is to provide an avenue for young people to play hockey while having fun. The program comprises of Field Hockey, Inline Hockey, Beach Hockey and Ice Hockey. We are working to get the first Ice Arena in West Africa.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To engage young people in hockey as a crime prevention mechanism.
2. To develop the skills of young African players, coaches, and umpires.
3. To improve the health and wellbeing of young people.
4. To create a platform for young people to come together in a fun environment and actively engage in hockey.

The Challenge

    Recreation is an essential ingredient for a healthy community. All communities have their own forms of development, although rural communities generally struggle with finding the funding that urban communities have to develop playing facilities. Sports fields are hard to come by in rural communities, and so recreational sports are generally limited to netball and football where makeshift equipment can be used. Still, African children in both urban and rural communities are rarely exposed to other sports, such as hockey.

The Solution

The AYPAD Hockey Project was created to expose thousands of young people to hockey, while promoting peace through sport. Hockey is a relatively new sport in Africa, and as something new and exciting its introduction is timely. Many young people across the continent are dealing with the traumatic effects of war, poverty, and abuse. Hockey is a constructive way to engage them and keep them from turning to drugs and crime. The program is focused on field hockey, but also touches on inline hockey, beach hockey and ice hockey. We are working to build the first Ice Arena in West Africa. The program will engage both girls and boys between the ages of 6 and 21.