Africa Youth for Peace and Development (AYPAD) was created by 7 young man who had seen the harsh realities being experienced throughout the continent as a result of war. They decided to form an organization with a vision of a united Africa working for peace and development. AYPAD was established on 24 October 1995 in Sierra Leone. The organization was registered as a non-profit charity with the Government of Sierra Leone in 2000.

AYPAD’s multifaceted programs aim to promote peace, sustainable development, and social integration all through youth empowerment. The youth take center stage in our non-profit, and as they gain new opportunities that empower and lift them out of difficult economic and social situations, Africa is also empowered and uplifted.

Our organization relies solely on charitable donations to ensure the survival, sustainability, and success of our projects. AYPAD holds membership in a variety of youth empowerment networks and is also affiliated with organizations such as the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Peace Child, War Child Canada, and IFFCO Foundation. AYPAD is currently registered with governments in 12 countries across the African continent and is growing.

Organizational Structure

Our organization predominantly works with volunteers as none of our staff, including our leadership team, are salaried. We rely on charitable donations to ensure the success and survival of our projects.

Our Mission

AYPAD aims to serve and empower Africa’s youth while enabling peace and development. AYPAD members serve their communities while gaining formal and non-formal education in areas such as leadership, capacity building, and environmental work.

Our overarching goals are to:
1. Engage young people in the development and integration of their communities
2. Create opportunities for the education, training and employment for young and marginalized people 
3. Facilitate the spread of sustainable agricultural and environmental initiatives

What We Do

Environmental Program:

• Educating, training and empowering communities on how to clean and create and beautiful environment for their own health and wellbeing
• Tree planting projects that focus on building local knowledge about the environment and combatting soil erosion and ecological degradation
• Providing leadership and community service experience to young people in the environmental sector
• Creating mechanized waste collection and disposal services at affordable prices for the communities we serve.

Sports Program:

• Engaging youth in football, hockey, handball and yoga with the aim of:
• Improve the health and wellbeing of youth by providing them with safe environments to be physically active
• Reduce the traumatic effect of living on the street
• Reduce the likelihood of children engaging in crime
• Create awareness of ways to maintain a physically and mentally stable lifestyle
• Creating employment opportunities for youth as instructors

Cultural Program:

• A traditional Dance-Drama Project that engages youth in performing arts
• Providing youth with spaces in which they can practice and rehearse their arts
• Generating funds for AYPAD performers to be able to attend school and have their basic housing and food needs met
• Creating employment for youth as environmentally aware artisans

Women Empowerment Program:

• A revolving micro-credit scheme to enable poor self-employed women to gain access to funds they are otherwise denied by traditional institutions
• Training women in the lucrative art of African snail farming
• Enhancing food security by educating smallholder families in sustainably intensified farming systems
• Increasing adult literacy rates across Africa

Street Children Program:

• Empowering orphaned children by encouraging creative self-expression and social change through the basics of filmmaking: writing, directing, acting in and shooting their own films
• Providing market driven technical job skills and training that allow children to become productive members of their communities
• To provide non-formal education focused on life skills
• To tackle hunger and malnutrition by reducing food waste

For more information please download the AYPAD Profile Booklet Click Here.