Skills Centre Project

AYPAD Skills Training Center is an initiative that seeks to provide youth with market driven technical job skills and training for the hospitality industry that will enable them to secure steady, well-paying jobs and become productive members of society in their community. Curriculum will include areas of focus such as tailoring, welding, auto mechanics, and carpentry.

The Center provide personal and social competencies. Subset classes are foundational to the program which focus on English proficiency, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development. Support in relevant skills development for youth, male and female, is a timely intervention that allows strategic approach that will contribute to the sustainable implementation of the Skills center. The intervention is focusing on supporting the reform process of marginalized population. That is, strengthening young people, regional and local skills development stakeholders, and piloting new competitive and demand-driven Skills Development Fund mechanisms.

As Africa region has specific features (high poverty, low economic development, low literacy levels, few training providers and below average of quality training), the implementation of AYPAD Skills center requires a specific approach to ensure its relevance to Africa and the communities we operate. Therefore, the intervention will be focusing more on complementarity of skills development with livelihood activities, short term vocational training, emerging markets and possible future economic developments.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To empower young and regional and local skills development stakeholders.
2. To pilot new competitive and demand-driven skills development mechanisms.
3. To provide competency based training that will support the reform of marginalized communities.
4. To raise the quality and quantity of skills training opportunities for youth in Africa.

The Challenge

    Much of the African continent is facing similar issues: high poverty rates, low economic development, low literacy rates, and few effective, sustainable solutions. Many development agencies working on the continent fail to ensure their approaches are relevant to Africa and the communities they operate in. Vocational skills training programs have a lot of potential. Despite various efforts to provide young Africans with the skills they require to be able to make a living, the process has been slow. Technical and vocational education has attracted little support due to the requirements of providing effective training in terms of knowledge and equipment. The skills training centers that do exist provide substandard or outdated training which is often very difficult for youth to gain access to.

The Solution

Vocational skills training should be identified by African counties as a priority area for educational development due to the role it can play in sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. The AYPAD Skills Training Center provides participants with market driven vocational training. The skills they gain will enable them to obtain steady and secure employment and become productive members of their communities. The curriculum will include areas of focus such as tailoring, welding, auto-mechanics and carpentry. The program will also provide personal and social competencies through subset courses in English proficiency, entrepreneurship, and leadership development.