Tree Planting Project

AYPAD works on two main levels within our tree planting project. First, AYPAD engages with the community as a whole through sensitization meetings with local youths. These workshops discuss the importance of caring for locally planted trees in order to decrease soil erosion and to provide protection from strong winds and rain.

Secondly, AYPAD volunteers plant fruit and other lucrative trees on the hill sites and flat lands that have been degenerated within our communities of operation. The planting activity takes place during the rainy season and generally occurs three times a week. During the tree planting, AYPAD volunteers link with local community youth and leaders to seek the best areas where trees can be planted and to ensure that these trees will be cared for.

Final Goal


Fund Raised




1. To help communities build their knowledge about their local environments.
2. To provide leadership and community service experience to young people in the environmental sector.
3. To combat soil erosion and ecological degradation.

The Challenge

    Living conditions can be very tough throughout Africa, and means of livelihood are hard to come by. Trees often become a quick way for people to find fuel, building materials, and money. As a result, areas surrounding towns and cities become extensively logged. Soil erosion can have devastating affects on local communities, and the recent mudslides in Sierra Leone and in the Democratic Republic of Congo serve as examples of this.

The Solution

AYPAD’s tree planting project engages community through sensitization meetings that discuss the importance of trees to provide protection from strong winds and rain and to prevent soil erosion. Our volunteers work with the local community to seek the best and most appropriate areas fir planting trees to ensure they are cared for. They then plant trees with an awareness of what trees could potentially be lucrative for the community and could tackle issues such as food insecurity. The project builds knowledge about the environment and combat soil erosion.